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"Easy enough to check," said Scabior. "But the 'ole lot of 'em look like they could

still be 'ogwarts age -"

"We'b lebt," said Ron.

"Left, 'ave you, ginger?" said Scabior. "And you decided to go camping? And you wigs raquel welch

thought, just for a laugh, you'd use the Dark Lords name?" best wig brands

"Nod a laugh," said Ron. "Aggiden." wigs chicago

"Accident?" There was more jeering laughter.

"You know who used to like using the Dark Lord's name, Weasley?" growled

Greyback, "The Order of the Phoenix. Mean anything to you?"


"Well, they don't show the Dark Lord proper respect, so the name's been Tabooed.

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