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The castle was unnaturally silent. There were no flashes of light now, no bangs or amore wigs

screams or shouts. The flagstones of the deserted entrance hall were stained with blood.

Emeralds were still scattered all over the floor, along with pieces of marble and splintered

wood. Part of the banisters had been blown away. raquel welch human hair bangs

Where is everyone? whispered Hermione. hairpieces for thinning hair on top

Ron led the way to the Great Hall. Harry stopped in the doorway.

The House tables were gone and the room was crowded. The survivors stood in

groups, their arms around each others necks. The injured were being treated upon the

raised platform by Madam Pomfrey and a group of helpers. Firenze was amongst the

injured; his flank poured blood and he shook where he lay, unable to stand. coupon Next:wigs that look real

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