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Harry thought of Godrics Hollow, of graves Dumbledore had never mentioned

there; he thought of mysterious objects left without explanation in Dumbledores will,

and resentment swelled in the darkness. Why hadnt Dumbledore told him? Why hadnt amore wigs

he explained? Had Dumbledore actually cared about Harry at all? Or had Harry been

nothing more than a tool to be polished and honed, but not trusted, never confided in?

Harry could not stand lying there with nothing but bitter thoughts for company. racquel welch

Desperate for something to do, for distraction, he slipped out of his sleeping bad, picked

up his wand, and crept out of the room. On the landing he whispered, Lumos, and

started to climb the stairs by wandlight. wigs and hair extensions

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On the second landing was the bedroom in which he and Ron had slept last time wigs for thinning hair

they had been here; he glanced into it. The wardrobe doors stood open and the bedclothes

had been ripped back. Harry remembered the overturned troll leg downstairs. Somebody

had searched the house since the Order had left. Snape? Or perhaps Mundungus, who had

pilfered plenty from this house both before and after Sirius died? Harrys gaze wandered

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