Wig types

What are the different wig types


Lace front wig types offer full-cap coverage. The hair is attached to a monofilament cloth, which lets the wearer's scalp show through for a natural look. This cap is normally soft and blends into the scalp. Natural wigs with a lace front can be curly, wavy, or straight, depending on the type of hair used and whether it has been styled with permanent solutions.

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Hair extensions are an alternative to a full wig types. Extensions, which are small clumps of synthetic or human hair, are glued onto a person's scalp or clipped to real pieces of hair close to the scalp. They make a person's hair appear fuller or longer, and can last until the wearer has them professionally removed or cut out. The extensions can add a streak of temporary color for a wild look, or they can blend into a person's natural hair.


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